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课时练1 阅读理解提速练
Hampton Court Motor Cruiser
16 Hampton Court Road  TEL:208-977-1728
BBQ facilities Free Wi-Fi Parking
Hampton Court Motor Cruiser is a boat docked on the River Thames. Facilities(设施)include heating, smart TV and Wi-Fi. The price per stay also includes the free use of a 4-seat electric boat and barbecue facilities. There is no staff at all on board during your stay.
Hilton London Green Park
4-6 Half Moon Street  TEL:207-629-7522
Family rooms Free Wi-Fi Non-smoking rooms Pets allowed
Hilton London Green Park stays in the heart of London. It features modern rooms with air conditioning. Wi-Fi is available in public areas and is free of charge. There is also a cocktail bar on site. All children are welcome.
Arbor City
12 Osborn Street  TEL:207-247-3313
Facilities for disabled guests Room service Free Wi-Fi Parking
Arbor City Hotel is just next to the Whitechapel Art Gallery. It offers free Wi-Fi and 24-hour room service. Air-conditioned rooms feature a TV, a safe and a shower. Parking is available on site and costs GBP 24 per day. For an additional charge, the hotel offers various breakfast options:English breakfast, continental breakfast, vegan and dairy-free breakfast. The hotel is 10 minutes’ tube ride from the West End.
Abercorn House Hostel
28-30 Bute Gardens  TEL:203-696-0215
Wi-Fi Non-smoking rooms
Abercorn House Hostel is located just a 3-minute walk from Hammersmith Tube Station, with a 24-hour front desk. Guests can stay in rooms or dormitories fitted with a wardrobe. Some come with a shower, while others offer access to a shared bathroom. They can also use a shared kitchen to prepare their meals. Wi-Fi is available and costs GBP 1 per hour. Non-smoking throughout.
【解题导语】 本文是一篇广告类应用文,主要介绍了四个可供旅客食宿的地方。
1.Where can guests stay if they have special requirements for breakfast?
A.28-30 Bute Gardens.
B.12 Osborn Street.
C.4-6 Half Moon Street.
D.16 Hampton Court Road.
B 解析:细节理解题。根据题干中的“if they have special requirements for breakfast”可定位至第三部分的“For an additional charge, the hotel offers various breakfast options:English breakfast, continental breakfast, vegan and dairy-free breakfast”,据此可知,Arbor City 可以提供特别的早餐,其地址是12 Osborn Street,故B项正确。
2.Which of the following can offer a river view?
A.Arbor City.
B.Abercorn House Hostel.
C.Hilton London Green Park.
D.Hampton Court Motor Cruiser.
D 解析:细节理解题。根据题干关键词“offer a river view”可定位至第一部分的“Hampton Court Motor Cruiser is a boat docked on the River Thames”,据此可知,在Hampton Court Motor Cruiser可以欣赏到河上的景色,故D项正确。
3.Which number should a couple with a baby and a dog call if they want to book a room?
A.207-629-7522. B.208-977-1728.
C.207-247-3313. D.203-696-0215.
A 解析:细节理解题。根据题干关键词“a couple with a baby and a dog”可定位至第二部分的“Pets allowed”及最后一句“All children are welcome”,据此可知,Hilton London Green Park欢迎所有的孩子,也允许带宠物,其联系电话是207-629-7522 ,故A项正确。
(2018·沈阳高三模拟)The biggest challenge faced by travelers especially those who like to have a backpacking trip is how to ensure a steady supply of clean clothes.Now,thanks to a great invention called the Scrubba Wash Bag,that worry may be a thing of the past.
The portable washing machine was invented by Ash Newland in 2010, while he was planning to climb Mt.Kilimanjaro.Struck by the limited packing space,he got inspiration from traditional washboards to create a bag that could be used to clean clothes.Then he quitted his career as a lawyer and focused on perfecting the bag’s design.By 2012,the bag was ready for the public.It weighed only 180 grams and required very little storage space,making it perfect for anyone wishing to travel light.
Not surprisingly,the bag worth 55 dollars was an instant hit with travelers,university students and even passengers.However,Newland was not satisfied.He still saw a disadvantage with his invention—dirty clothes had to be carried around in a separate bag!The recently introduced Scrubba Wash Bag solves that problem.
In order to make the pack active,dirty clothes are placed inside the bag along with two or three liters of water.The bag is then shut tightly to ensure all air is squeezed out and the clothes are massaged for a few minutes.After a quick wash,they are clean and ready to be dried.According to Newland,the pack can clean anything from jeans to smelly socks!What’s even more amazing is that with a capacity to hold 13 liters of water,it can be used to wash more clothes at a time.
The best part is that the 99-dollar pack that will be available for sale later this year,only weighs 300 grams and is completely foldable,making it easy to store when it’s not in use.With the Scrubba Wash Bag,wandering through foreign cities,searching for a laundry,or paying for washing machines may soon be a thing of the past!
【解题导语】 本文是一篇说明文,介绍了Scrubba Wash Bag的产生背景和功能。
4.What led Ash Newland to create the Scrubba Wash Bag?
A.His job requirements.
B.A traditional washboard.
C.His interest in invention.
D.His personal experience.
D 解析:细节理解题。根据文章第二段中的“The portable washing machine was invented ...clean clothes”可知,在计划攀登乞力马扎罗山时,Ash Newland发明出了便携式洗衣机。由于苦恼于有限的背包空间,他从传统的洗衣板中得到灵感而得以创造出一个可以用来洗衣服的背包,故选D项,即Ash Newland因为自己的个人经历而发明了这款背包。
5.Why wasn’t Ash Newland satisfied with his former invention?
A.Clothes couldn’t be washed well.
B.The invention was not so convenient.
C.The bag couldn’t contain enough water.
D.The cost of the invention was very high.
B 解析:细节理解题。根据文章第三段中的“However,Newland was not satisfied.He still saw a disadvantage with his invention—dirty clothes had to be carried around in a separate bag”可知,Newland之所以不满意,是因为他发现这个发明有一个缺点——脏衣服不得不放在一个分开的包里带来带去,不方便。故B项是正确的。
6.It can be inferred that the improved Scrubba Wash Bag________.
A.turns to be much environmentally friendlier
B.will replace the traditional washing machines
C.will be widely used by more travelers in the future
D.can encourage more people to travel a long distance
C 解析:推理判断题。根据最后一段中的“With the Scrubba Wash Bag...a thing of the past”可知,有了Scrubba Wash Bag,在国外漫游时寻找洗衣店或者为用洗衣机洗衣付费很快就会成为过去。由此可以推知,在将来Scrubba Wash Bag将会被更多的旅游者广泛使用,故选C项。
7.What is the best title of this passage?
A.A Thing of the Past:Travelers’ Worry of the Clothes Washing 
B.The Scrubba Wash Bag—A Bag Free of Washing
C.The Development of a Great Invention
D.How to Design a New Pack for Travelers
A 解析:标题归纳题。通读全文可知,本文介绍了Scrubba Wash Bag的产生背景和功能,重点介绍了这个发明对旅行者洗衣带来的方便,故选A项。
(2018·安庆模拟)As a child,I was generally happy,singing and dancing to my favorite songs,smiling and laughing with my friends and family.But as far back as second grade,I noticed a “darkness” about me.I didn’t enjoy participating in many things.
In middle school,things in my life began to get even worse.I began withdrawing from everything I once enjoyed.I was always tired.Everything was horrible.Finally,midway through eighth grade,I was told I had a chemical imbalance,diagnosed(诊断)with clinical depression,and had to take medicine.It took months for me to feel the effects of the medicine.
When I began to feel happy again is when I realized that I had to take the responsibility for getting better myself,rather than relying on medicine.Aristotle said,“To live happily is an inward power of the soul,” and I believe that this quote describes what I had to do to achieve happiness.Happiness is a journey.Everyone seems to need different things to be happy.
“The essentials(要素) to happiness are something to love,something to do,and something to hope for,”a quote from William Blake sums up what I believe people need to realize to be truly happy in life.People need love.I feel they need their family and their friends more than anything else in the world.People need work to do,something to make them feel they are making a difference in the world.People need to know that more good is to come in the future,so they continue to live for “now” instead of constantly worrying about the bad that could come.Love and hope are happiness.
【解题导语】 作者根据自己克服抑郁症的经历总结出了幸福生活的要素。
8.What do we know about the author in Paragraph 2?
A.He hated going to sleep because he couldn’t sleep well.
B.He spent months recovering from the clinical depression.
C.He was diagnosed with clinical depression in Grade Seven.
D.He suffered a great deal from clinical depression.
D 解析:细节理解题。根据第二段中的“I began withdrawing from...take medicine.”可知,在中学时,作者受到临床抑郁症的折磨。故选D项。
9.Who helped the author to be happy again?
A.The author’s friends. B.Aristotle.
C.The author himself. D.William.
C 解析:细节理解题。根据文章第三段第一句“When I began to feel happy again is when I realized that I had to take the responsibility for getting better myself,rather than relying on medicine.”可知,作者并不是依赖药物而是靠自己克服病症,重新快乐起来。故选C项。
10.Which of the following about being truly happy is unnecessary in the author’s opinion?
A.Love. B.Ambition.
C.Hope. D.Work.
B 解析:细节理解题。根据文章最后一段第一句可知,作者认为幸福的要素包括爱、希望和工作。故选B项。
11.What may be the best title for the text?
A.The Essentials to Happiness
B.Ways to Overcome Shortcomings
C.Everyone Needs to Be Happy
D.Happiness Is Love
A 解析:标题归纳题。通读文章,作者根据自己克服抑郁症的经历,总结出幸福生活的要素,文章最后一段具体阐述了要素的内容,由此可知A项契合文章主旨。
(2018·湖北部分重点中学新高三起点考试)Some pigs tend to be optimistic while others are pessimistic,according to a new research that is meaningful to animal welfare. The study,published in the journal Biology Letters,is the first to show that mood and personality interact in an animal,influencing judgment.
Asher,a researcher at the University of Newcastle’s Institute of Neuroscience,and her team housed groups of pigs in two types of environment. One reflected standard commercial conditions and the other was cushier with more space and plenty of soft,deep straw. After the pigs got accustomed to these new homes over a few weeks,the researchers picked 18 pigs from each type to train and test their judgment.
“To do this,we trained each p
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