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课时练1 阅读理解提速练
(2018·广东六校检测)It’s always good to experience something new in life.Travelling gives plenty of such opportunities and when you choose a hotel to stay in next time,here,on this website,is a list of 4 most weird(怪异的) hotels in the world.
Dog Bark Park Inn
If you keep a dog and love animals,then you will definitely become a fan of this hotel.The shape of the hotel reminds you of a dog.Here visitors will find a microwave oven to prepare a simple meal,games,puzzles and books to entertain themselves,an air conditioner and of course a bath.There is no TV set or a phone though.
Das Park Hotel
You will love the place because it is perfectly adjusted to basic human needs.However,there is one disadvantage to all these.The matter is that bathroom facilities are not included in the price.Each room here is quite small,but has a bed,electricity and air conditioning.
Read the name of the hotel attentively and you will easily guess what place exactly you are going to spend your vacation in!The hotel is situated in Kemzeke,Belgium and was designed by Joep van Lieshout.Do not say no to this hotel since it is quite comfortable and nice inside.
Hobbit Motel
Deep inside we stay kids forever.This is what the creators of the Hobbit Motel kept in mind when they were creating this motel.The Hobbit Motel is located in Woodlyn Park,New Zealand.You will recognize the inn by its blocks it is made of and the green roof covered with a thick layer of grass.
【解题导语】 本文为应用文。文章介绍了世界上最怪异的四家旅馆。
1.What can you know about the Dog Bark Park Inn?
A.It doesn’t provide food for visitors.
B.Visitors can take their pets to it.
C.Its name may come from its appearance.
D.Visitors can’t make phone calls there.
C 解析:推理判断题。根据第二段中的“If you keep a dog and love animals,then you will definitely become a fan of this hotel.The shape of the hotel reminds you of a dog.”可知,这家旅馆的外观就像只狗,再结合旅馆的名字可知这家旅馆的名字也许源于其外形。
2.What do visitors in Das Park Hotel need to pay extra money for?
A.The bed. B.The shower.
C.Electricity. D.Air conditioning.
B 解析:推理判断题。根据第三段中的“The matter is that bathroom facilities are not included in the price.”可知,这家旅馆的房价里不包括洗浴设施,因此想要洗澡的话,需要另外支付费用。
3.Which is the best choice for a person who most values comfort?
A.Dog Bark Park Inn. B.Das Park Hotel.
C.CasAnus. D.Hobbit Motel.
C 解析:细节理解题。根据第四段中的“Do not say no to this hotel since it is quite comfortable and nice inside.”可知,重视舒适度的游客可以选择入住CasAnus。
(2018·长郡中学新高三实验班选拔考试)Four years ago,we asked ourselves:What if we could create a shopping experience with no waiting in line and no checkout? Or could we create a physical store where customers could simply take what they want and go? Our answer to those questions is Amazon Go,where you could experience the idea of “just walk out shopping”.
Amazon Go is a new kind of store with no checkout required.We created the world’s most advanced shopping technology,so you never have to wait in line.With our “just walk out shopping”experience,simply use the Amazon Go app to enter the store,take the products you want,and go!No lines,no checkout.
Our checkout-free shopping experience is made possible by the same types of technologies used in self-driving cars:computer vision,sensor fusion,and deep learning.Our “just walk out technology” automatically detects when products are taken from or returned to the shelves and keeps track of them in your virtual cart.When you’re done shopping,you can just leave the store.Shortly after,we’ll charge your Amazon account and send you a receipt.
We offer delicious ready-to-eat breakfast,lunch,dinner,and snack options made fresh every day by our on-site chefs and favorite local kitchens and bakeries.Our selection of foodstuff ranges from bread and milk to cheeses and locally made chocolates.You’ll find well-known brands we love,plus special finds we’re excited to introduce to customers.For a quick home-cooked dinner,pick up one of our chef-designed Amazon Meal Kits,and you can make a meal for two in about 30 minutes.
Our roughly 1,800-square-foot shopping space is conveniently compact(紧凑的),so busy customers can get in and out fast.It is located at 2131,7th Ave,Seattle,WA,on the corner of 7th Avenue and Blanchard Street.All you need is an Amazon account,a supported smartphone,and the free Amazon Go app.
Amazon Go is currently only open to Amazon employees in our testing program,and will be open to the public soon.
【解题导语】 本文是一篇说明文,主要介绍了有关Amazon Go便利店的一些信息。
4.From the passage,we can learn that Amazon Go________.
A.is a checkout-free store
B.sells all kinds of goods
C.is open to the public
D.uses unknown technologies
A 解析:细节理解题。根据第二段第一句可知,Amazon Go便利店无需在收银台结账,故A项正确。
5.What is mainly discussed in Paragraph 3?
A.When Amazon Go charges.
B.How Amazon Go works.
C.Where Amazon Go lies.
D.What Amazon Go sells.
B 解析:段落大意题。通读第三段可知,该段主要介绍了无人收银的技术原理,即类似于无人驾驶汽车的技术;还介绍了顾客付款的技术原理。据此可知,该段主要介绍Amazon Go便利店的运作原理,故B项正确。
6.Customers pay for the products from Amazon Go by________.
A.paying cash at the counter
B.walking out of the store
C.using their Amazon accounts
D.scanning smartphones when leaving
C 解析:细节理解题。根据第三段最后一句“Shortly after,we’ll charge your Amazon account and send you a receipt.”可知,在顾客离开后,Amazon Go会通过亚马逊账户收取顾客的费用,故C项正确。
7.The main purpose of the passage is to ________.
A.encourage people to shop online
B.advise people to work for Amazon
C.inform people of a new concept store
D.tell people of the shopping experience
C 解析:写作意图题。通读全文可知,本文主要介绍了一种新形式的零售便利店Amazon Go,介绍了该便利店的运作过程、技术原理、地理位置、即食食品服务等。故C项正确。
(2018·合肥市高三调研性检测)Social networks are a big part of nearly every teenager’s life in this day and age. Many teens have QQ, WeChat, or Weibo but little do a lot of teens know that they can be held responsible for everything they post for the rest of their lives. Everything you post online is part of a digital footprint that can always be traced(追踪) back to you. That includes every post, even every like,comment, favorite and forward that you have ever committed. All pictures you’ve posted or will post have been stored in a digital database, and it is the comp-
anies’ right to keep all of these documents that you believe to have been deleted or hidden.
With every post comes a consequence; whether it is good or bad,what you post could be seen by anyone. That is why you have to be very careful of what you decide to post or comment.
If you think you are safe from Servite finding out about one funny comment you made six months ago on a meaningless picture, you are probably wrong. Recently, a senior, Aaron, at Servite learned this lesson the hard way this year. He wrote a series of ugly comments towards Connelly girls on a web page, ignoring potential consequences.
This student, however, did have to face consequences from Servite as he was removed from all of his leadership roles in the school. Surprisingly enough, he fully agreed with his punishment handed down by the administration and fully understood why he was given such severe discipline(处罚). “When you agree to come to Servite, you are agreeing to defend what Servite stands for,” the young man said. “That continues from 8 a.m.to 2 p.m. It’s at all times.”
So, next time you’re about to post something you think could be received as offensive or inappropriate, think twice, or don’t press the “Send”.
【解题导语】 本文是一篇议论文。当下很多青少年拥有微信、QQ、微博等网络社交工具,但是他们很多人都不知道要对自己所发布的内容负责。文章通过一名高中生的事例说明,在网上发布信息应当慎重。
8.What does the author think the teens should do in the first paragraph?
A.Avoid using social media.
B.Remove their own digital documents.
C.Be responsible for what they put online.
D.Learn to balance their online and offline time.
C 解析:细节理解题。根据第一段第二句可知,很多青少年都有QQ、微信或微博,但很多人都不知道,他们应当对自己在网上发布的任何信息负责;据此可知,作者认为,青少年应当对他们发布在网上的信息负责,故C项正确。
9.What mistake did Aaron make online?
A.Drawing some meaningless pictures.
B.Making some bad comments.
C.Failing to take his lesson.
D.Breaking down a special web page.
B 解析:细节理解题。根据第三段尾句可知,Aaron在一个网页上写了一系列针对康纳利女孩的难听的评论。故B项正确。
10.What did Servite do with Aaron’s case?
A.It reached an agreement with Connelly girls.
B.It helped Aaron get rid of ill effects.
C.It gave Aaron a severe punishment.
D.It stood on Aaron’s side.
C 解析:细节理解题。根据第四段第二句中的“he was given such severe discipline(处罚)”可知,由于在网站上的不负责行为,他在学校受到了严重处罚,故C项正确。
11.For whom is the text probably intended?
A.Teenagers. B.Teachers.
C.Parents. D.Network engineers.
A 解析:推理判断题。通读全文内容可知,本文第一段的前两句为文章主旨句;结合下文内容可知,本文主要论述了青少年应当对自己在网上发布的任何信息负责的问题,据此可以判断,本文的阅读对象是青少年,故A项正确。
(2018·东北三省四市教研联合体高三模拟)“Her grades are fine; I’m not worried about that, but she just doesn’t seem to love learning any more,” Alice’s mum said.
She’s absolutely right. I’d noticed the same thing about her daughter over the previous two or three years when I’d been Alice’s middle school English, Latin, and writing teacher, and I have an answer, right there on the tip of my tongue, to what has gone wrong. Yet I’m torn between my responsibility to help Alice and the knowledge that what I have to say is a truth I’m not sure this mother is ready to hear.
The truth for this parent and so many others is this: Her child has sacrificed her natural curiosity and love of learning at the altar(圣坛) of achievement, and it’s our fault. Alice’s parents, her teachers, society at large—we are all supposed to be blamed in this crime against learning. From her first day of school, we pointed her toward that altar and trained her to measure her progress by means of points, scores, and awards.We taught Alice that her potential is tied to her intellect(智力), and that her intellect is more important than her character. We taught her to come home proudly bearing grade As, championship prizes, and college acceptance, and not on purpose, we taught her that we don’t really care how she obtains them. We taught her to p
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