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课时练1 阅读理解提速练
Four Must-See Route 66 Attractions
The United States is full of odd roadside attractions.Route 66 is home to some of the oldest and most known attractions of them all. Here are four attractions you should see along the Mother Road:
1.Paul Bunyan and a Hot Dog
Route 66 travelers pass by many fiberglass giants (巨人) right along the road. These giants were a popular form of advertising in the 1960s.Many of them stood in front of service stations.They held car parts, such as mufflers.The collection of Route 66 giants became known as “Muffler Men”.Businesses hoped the strange statues would get travelers’ attention.
The first fiberglass giant was a “Paul Bunyan” figure,built in the early 1960s.It’s said that Paul Bunyan is a famous woodworker.
2.Crown Candy Kitchen and Jamaica Ray
Crown Candy Kitchen has been serving Route 66 travelers from the very beginning.It is just a few short blocks from the 66 path through St. Louis, Missouri. The family-run soda fountain shop opened more than 100 years ago, and has been making candies and meals ever since.
On weekends, people sometimes wait in line for a table at Crown Candy Kitchen for over an hour.Luckily there is free entertainment right outside.Jamaica Ray, a local folk artist, creates unusual sculptures.
3.The World’s Largest Rocking Chair
Fanning, Missouri, is home to one of the strangest Route 66 attractions.Just off the road sits an almost 13-meter-tall rocking chair.
The structure was completed in 2008 on the first of April,or April Fool’s Day.
At one time the chair actually rocked. But officials decided it had to be still to be safe for ever.People are not permitted to climb the chair. We think, however, that it probably happens once in a while when no one is watching.
4.Big Texan’s Steak Challenge
Few places better represent the common expression “Everything’s Bigger in Texas” than the Big Texan Steak Ranch. Since 1960, it has appealed to travelers with big appetites and a big love of beef.
It is hard to miss the huge yellow restaurant or the giant cow statue that sits out front.The cow advertises Big Texan’s special deal, and what has made this steak ranch famous: a “free” 72-ounce(盎司) or 2-kilogram steak.There is one trick: the steak is only free if you can eat the entire thing in one hour.
A special table is in the middle of the restaurant for the daring diners who accept the challenge.Since 1990, more than 9,000 diners have eaten the entire 2-kilogram steak.
【解题导语】 本文介绍了美国66号公路沿线的四个必看景点。
1.What was considered as “Muffler Men”?
A.A hot dog.    B.Jamaica Ray.
C.Car parts. D.Paul Bunyan.
D 解析:细节理解题。根据1.Paul Bunyan and a Hot Dog中的“The collection of Route 66 giants became known as ‘Muffler Men’.”可知“Muffler Men”是玻璃巨人的合称,而由“The first fiberglass giant was a‘Paul Bunyan’figure”可知,第一尊玻璃巨人塑像是Paul Bunyan,因此“Paul Bunyan”被认为是“Muffler Men”。故选D。
2.Where will you maybe wait in line on weekends?
A.Paul Bunyan and a Hot Dog.
B.Crown Candy Kitchen.
C.The World’s Largest Rocking Chair.
D.Big Texan’s Steak Challenge.
B 解析:细节理解题。根据2.Crown Candy Kitchen and Jamaica Ray中的“On weekends,people sometimes wait in line for a table at Crown Candy Kitchen for over an hour.”可知,在Crown Candy Kitchen,周末的时候人们有时要排一个多小时队。故选B。
3.If you visit the World’s Largest Rocking Chair, you have to ________.
A.get there in April
B.climb up and rock it
C.see it 13 meters away
D.travel to Fanning, Missouri
D 解析:细节理解题。根据3.The World’s Largest Rocking Chair中的第一句“Fanning,Missouri,is home to one of the strangest Route 66 attractions.”可知,选D。
4.What is Big Texan’s Steak Challenge?
A.The giant cow statue sits out of the huge ranch.
B.Diners eat up the entire 72-ounce or 2-kilogram steak.
C.The Big Texan Steak Ranch is the biggest restaurant in Texas.
D.The daring diners sit around at a special table in the restaurant.
B 解析:细节理解题。根据4.Big Texan’s Steak Challenge中的“The cow advertises Big Texan’s special deal,and what has made this steak ranch famous:a‘free’72-ounce(盎司)or 2-kilogram steak.”可知,“Big Texan’s Steak Challenge”的内容是:若你能吃完72盎司或2千克牛排,这顿就免单。故选B。
(2018·成都高中毕业班摸底测试)The Scottish composer Evelyn Glennie lost nearly all her hearing as a young girl,yet went on to a very successful career in music including winning Grammy awards.When somebody asks her,“How do you hear?” She responds,“How do you hear?Is it only with your ears?” For Glennie,and for us too,listening is not only hearing,but is understanding.We need to listen to what is said and unsaid,and also how it is said.
It’s important to hear what people say accurately.As Mark Twain said,“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug(萤火虫).”If you miss something or you’re not sure you’ve heard accurately,ask the speakers.At this point you’re not evaluating what they say,but just looking for accuracy and understanding.Here are some ways to get clear about what they say and don’t say.Why are they saying this now,instead of sooner or later?Why are they emphasizing these points,instead of something else?
Listen to how it is said.People send signals about what they mean with their voices and body language that sometimes differ from the words they say.While going through the next points,think about someone whose real meaning you might sometimes miss,and see if any of these signals might come up.First,voices.When others speak,notice changes in their volume,pace,and tone.Second,body language.Notice gestures,eye contact,and facial expressions.Do these sync what they are saying,or do they tell a different story?Third,emotions.What is the person’s true feeling?Now you might not know for sure,but be considerate,open to understanding,and ask thoughtful questions.
【解题导语】 本文讲述了聆听的内涵。我们要听懂说话人想要表达的言外之意,并且要注意说话方式。
5.What’s the writer’s purpose of mentioning Evelyn Glennie?
A.To give an example of wise words.
B.To introduce a world-famous musician.
C.To help explain the meaning of listening.
D.To encourage us to fight against disability.
C 解析:推理判断题。根据第一段中的“For Glennie,and for us too,listening is not only hearing,but is understanding.”可知,对于Glennie和“我们”来说,聆听不仅是用耳朵听而且是理解,这里说明了聆听的内涵。所以选项C正确。
6.What can we learn from what Mark Twain said?
A.It is important to have a good knowledge of English words.
B.People should know words can be used in many different ways.
C.English is a very complicated language with a large vocabulary.
D.The slight difference between words may result in misunderstanding.
D 解析:推理判断题。根据第二段中的“It’s important to hear what people say accurately.”和“At this point you’re...looking for accuracy and understanding.”可知,准确听懂说话者的意思很重要。因此,选项D “词语的细微差异可能导致误解。”与Mark Twain所说的话意思相吻合。
7.What does the underlined word “sync” probably mean?
A.Match. B.Prove.
C.Describe. D.Analyze.
A 解析:词义猜测题。画线词前的修饰词these指代前一句中的“gestures,eye contact,and facial expressions”;再根据画线词后的“what they are saying,or do they tell a different story”可推断,match与画线词意思相近。故选A。
8.Which is the best title of this passage?
A.Speak While You Listen B.Listen Beyond Words
C.Read Between Lines D.Think as You Talk
B 解析:标题归纳题。本文主要说明通过观察说话人的说话方式来听懂说话人想表达的言外之意。所以选B。
(2018·广西高三毕业班适应性测试)Although American children still spend part of their days reading, they are spending less time doing it for pleasure than years ago according to a recent report.
“It raises an alarm,” said Vicky Rideout, the lead author of the report.“We’re witnessing a really large drop in reading among teenagers and the speed of that drop is getting faster and faster.”
The report found that the percentage of nine-year-old children reading for pleasure once or more per week had dropped from 81 percent in 1984 to 76 percent in 2015, based on government studies.There were even larger reductions among older children.A large percentage rarely read for pleasure.About a third of 13-year-olds reported in one study that they read for pleasure less than twice a year.
The report also found that many young children are struggling with literacy(读写能力).Only about one-third of fourth grade students are “proficient(熟练的)” in reading and another one-third scored below “basic” in reading skills.
Despite the large percentage of children with below-basic reading skills, reading scores among young children have improved since the 1970s, according to one test that measures reading ability.
The reading scores among 17-year-olds, however,remained relatively unchanged since the 1970s.
About 46 percent of white children are considered “proficient” in reading, compared with 18 percent of black children and 20 percent of Hispanic(西班牙的) kids.Those gaps have remained relatively unchanged over the past 20 years, according to the report. “To go 20 years with no progress in that area is shameful,” Rideout said.
The report highlights some behavior that has been tied to children being more frequent readers.The behavior includes parents setting aside time to read with their children and parents reading themselves to model good behavior.
【解题导语】 调查发现,美国孩子的阅读时间有所减少。作者建议父母应当多留出时间陪孩子阅读,以及为孩子做好榜样。
9.We can know from the report findings that ________.
A.the reading scores among older children have improved
B.the reading scores among young children haven’t changed
C.the gap between black children and white children has narrowed
D.black children have lower proficiency in reading than white children
D 解析:推理判断题。根据倒数第二段第一句中的“About 46 percent of white children are considered ‘proficient’ in reading,compared with 18 percent of black children”可知,与18%的能熟练阅读的黑人孩子相比,有46%的白人孩子能熟练阅读;据此可以判断,黑人孩子阅读的熟练程度比白人孩子低,故D项正确。
10.What’s Vicky Rideout’s attitude towards the report findings?
A.Indifferent. B.Doubtful.
C.Worried. D.Optimistic.
C 解析:推理判断题。根据第二段的“It raises an alarm”和倒数第二段最后一句中的“To go 20 years with no progress in that area is shameful”可推知,Rideou
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