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2018年杭州市初中毕业升学模拟考试 英 语
第 I 卷
第一部分 听力(共两节,满分30分)
1. What is Lucy’s favorite sport?
A. running B. swimming C. tennis
2. Where is the library?
A. In the east. B. In the west. C. In the front.
3. What’s the relationship between the man and the woman?
A. Workmate. B. Boyfriend and girlfriend. C. Teacher and student.
4. What is the time now?
A. 9:00 B. 10:00 C. 8:30
5. Why couldn’t the man find his new basketball shoes?
A. Because of himself. B. Because of the woman. C. Because of his son.
6. Who did Wu Jun go to the concert with?
A. His friends. B. His children. C. His parents.
7. Why was the concert held?
A. To sing for rich children. B. To raise money for poor children.
C. To collect food for children.
8. What’s the woman’s idea?
A. Famous children should not help poor children.
B. Children should make a living by themselves.
C. Government should do something for poor children.
9. What will happen if they turn on too many lights?
A. They will waste a lot of power. B. The electricity will be cut off.
C. Their washing machine will stop working.
10. Why did the woman go to the Smiths’ for help?
A. The lights in her home went off. B. Something was wrong with her washing machine.
C. She wanted to borrow some money to buy some wires(线).
11. What did Smith advise the woman to do?
A. To use more lights. B. Not to use her washing machine too often.
C. To change the electric wires for better ones.
12. How long is the history of Chinese medicine?
A. About 3,000 years. B. About 4,000years. C. About 5,000years.
13. How do many people in the world like Chinese medicine?
A. It’s the greatest medicine. B. It’s as important as Western medicine.
C. It’s not so useful as Western medicine.
14. Why do people regard Chinese medicine as “green medicine”?
A. Because its color is always green.
B. Because it is made from all kinds of plants.
C. Because it is easy to get from the nature.
15. What is Western medicine often made from?
A. Green plants. B. Chemical materials. C. Flowers and seeds.
第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)
第一节 (共15小题,每小题2分,满分30分)
An introductory series for social scientists
General editor: Jean Aitchison
Language is closely connected with the members of the society in
which it is spoken, and social factors are clearly reflected in their speech.
Sociolinguistics is the discipline which deals with language change
caused by social differences and differing social needs, and William
Downs shows how linguistics set about studying it. He describes different
kinds of social factors, such as geographical location, social class, and sex,
and discusses the relations between them.
He then considers a framework for dealing with change at the level of
interpersonal communication. If an English speaker makes a request, for
example, there are several possible ways of doing this, only a few of which
might look like clear requests.
This book breaks new ground in that it brings together studies of
change at both the public and the personal level, and will turn out to be
useful to anyone who is interested in finding out about the relationships
between language and society.

Language and society
Downed, William
Published by Fontana Collins (1998) Price: £3.50
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From: Shadow Books (Norwich, United Kingdom)
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16. Sociolinguistics is a book about the relationships between ______.
A. social differences and social needs B. language change and communication
C. the public and the personal level D. language and society
17. Which of the following is NOT the social factor mentioned in the book introduction?
A. geographical location B. social class
C. sex D. clear requests
18. Alan living in the United Kingdom wants to buy a secondhand (not soft cover) book on sociolinguistics, how much does he have to pay for it?
A. £5.99 B. £4.95 C. £3.50 D. £2.49
Cruises are becoming more and more popular, with around 20 million passengers per year now enjoying holidays on board luxury ( 奢侈的 ) ships. More people see a cruise as the perfect way to sit back and do nothing, and enjoy time off work. But what is the effect on the environment of this trend?
Although it usually takes less energy for a vehicle to move through water than over land, cruise ships are often massive, with the biggest ones carrying up to 6,000 passengers. Moving such large vehicles requires huge engines which burn as much as 300,000 litres of fuel a day. One scientist has calculated that cruise ships create as much pollution as 5 million cars going over the same distance. Because they are out at sea, they also burn dirtier fuel that isn't allowed on land. Unfortunately, no government has controlled over the amount of air pollution out at sea. Cruises also produce huge amounts of rubbish, and cruise ships aren’t usually good at recycling. Waste water from showers and toilets is usually poured directly into the sea - as much per day as from a small town. Waste food from restaurants isn’t put into the sea, but still causes problems when brought back to the land.
Cruise ships also cause difficulties in the cities where they stop. Popular destinations can get five or six ships per day, with thousands of tourists at a time. Good for restaurants? No. Restaurant owners complain that the visitors look around for a few hours and then return to their ship to eat. What’s more, the crowds can put off other tourists, who complain that the streets are too busy.
Some towns have banned (禁止) cruise ships or put a limit on the number that can stop at the same time. People who care about the environment worry that as the cruise industry continues to grow, so too will the issues for our planet.
19. The underlined word “trend” is closest in meaning to ________.
A. problem B. event C. decision D. chance
20. Cruise ships cause a lot of air pollution because________________.
A. they carry large numbers of cars and passengers as well
B. it takes more energy to move through water than over land
C. they use types of fuel that are not allowed on land
D. their engines are not as powerful as those of other vehicles
21. Why are cruise ship passengers not popular in some cities?
A. They don’t spend money on meals. B. They fill up the restaurants and make noise.
C. They always complain when the city is too crowded.
D. They are sometimes rude to other tourists.
22. The purpose of the passage is to________.
A. introduce a new way of travelling B. encourage people to try cruise ships
C. advise governments to ban cruise ships D. explain some problems cruise ships cause
①When it comes to Chinese students considering studying in foreign countries, many of them usually believe that life will be easy and enjoyable. Unfortunately, it’s likely that students with those beliefs will be disappointed very soon after landing at the airport.
②So, what are the problems you may have, and how can you deal with them?
③Teaching and learning styles in America are very different from those in China, requiring more critical thinking(批判性思维) and teamwork. In a normal American classroom, one project might be done by a study group in which every person has their own responsibility.
④So don’t worry about your language or any grammar mistakes. Just watch what other students do, and don’t be afraid of asking any question. The discussions, or sometimes even arguments, that your group members and you hold are likely to be the beginning of a friendship.
⑤Besides, schoolwork, another important thing faced by overseas students is homesickness or loneliness. You may miss your parents’ cooking, your pets, or even your old bed. Being away from home can create bitter feelings, especially when faced with the challenges of getting used a new environment.
⑥What I strongly suggest is to try hard to deal with these feelings. Be open to new friendships. Sign up for school activities, and give yourself permission to enjoy life at school, even if you miss home a lot. Be organized and keep a diary to check your progress. Write down three new things that you’re grateful for every evening, as well as three things you’re looking forward to every morning.
⑦Studying abroad is never simple. In fact, there will be many difficulties every day. But I’m sure you will overcome your difficulties and make your time overseas a success.
23. The article is written for _____________.
A. teachers B. parents C. students D. travelers
24. Students in America finish their schoolwork by ____________.
A. thinking critically a
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