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A. B. C.

A. B. C.

A. B. C.

A. B. C.

A. B. C.
6. What kind of shows does mark like?
A. Sitcoms.
B. The news.
C. Talk shows.
7. What does Sally think of soap operas?
A. She doesn't mind them.
B. She can't stand them.
C. She loves them.
8. What was Linda doing at eight?
A. She was helping her mom.
B. She was taking a shower.
C. She was sleeping.
9. Why did Bruce call Linda so many times?
A. He needed help with his homework.
B. He wanted Linda to do his homework.
C. He couldn't get help from Jenny.
10. What do they like about Sunshine Restaurant?
A. The pictures.
B. The loud music.
C. The food.
11. Why doesn't Amy want to go to the Blue Ocean?
A. The soft music makes her sleepy.
B. She doesn't like the environment.
C. Their hamburgers aren't good.
12. What are they talking about?
A. How to protect the environment.
B. How to save money.
C. How to recycle paper.
13. How many ways does the boy mention?
A. Two
B. Three
C. Four.
14. What will Alice tell her parents to do?
A. Ride hikes
B. Turn off the lights
C. Use paper or cloth legs.
15. When did Jack go to the welcome party?
A. Last night.
B. Last week.
C. Last month.
16. What did Jack do at first when he met the Japanese boy?
A. He bowed.
B. He kissed him.
C. He held out his hand.
17. Where did Marie come from?
A. Japan.
B. France.
C. Brazil.
18. What's the probable relationship between the two speakers?
A. Classmates.
B. Teacher and student.
C. Neighbors.
19. What does Brian want to do in the future?
A. To be an astronaut.
B. To be a scientist.
C. To be a teacher.
20. Why are they hiving a party this weekend?
A. To celebrate Mrs. Feng's birthday.
B. To celebrate Brian's birthday.
C. To celebrate the end of junior high school.
1. What did frank do?
A. A primary school student.
B. A middle school student.
C. A high school student.
22. Why couldn't Frank buy a gift for his father at first?
A.His father didn't want him to do so.
B.He lost all his money at school.
C.He had no money at all.
23. What idea did Frank think of?
A. Doing a part-time job.
B. Collecting waste things and selling them.
C. Asking his best friend for help.
4. How long did Frank collect the waste things?
A. A week.
B. About half a month.
C. A month.
25. How did Frank's father feel when he received the gift?
A. Very surprised.
B. Very sad.
C. Very happy and mowed.
1. -- I'm thirsty, Mom. I'd like something to drink.
-- We only have some _______ in the fridge.
A. oranges
B. ice-cream
C. juice
D. cheese
【解析】句意:——汤姆,我渴了。我想要些喝的东西。——我们在冰箱里只有一些果汁。oranges桔子;ice-cream冰淇淋;juice果汁;cheese奶酪。根据I'd like something to drink可知此处表示要些喝的东西,故用juice“果汁”。故选C。
2. -- Dad, about ________ of our classmates wear glasses.
-- Oh, that's terrible. You all should take good care of your eyes.
A. three fourth
B. third fourth
C. third fourths
D. three quarters
【解析】句意:——爸爸,我们的同学大约有四分之三戴着眼镜。——哦,那太可怕了。你们都应该照顾好你们的眼睛。表示分数时,分母用序数词,分子用基数词,当分子大约一时,分子用复数形式,表示四分之一用one fourth或one quarter,表示四分之三用three fourths或three quarters,故选D。
3. -- Did Qingdao show ______ to the world during the SCO Summit (上海合作组织峰会)?
-- Sure! Her beauty, high technology and rapid development.
A. something special
B. anything special
C. special something
D. special anything
【解析】句意:——青岛在上海合作组织峰会上向世界展示了一些独特的事物吗?——当然!她的美丽,高科技和快速的发展。当形容词修饰不定代词时,位于不定代词的后面。故排除CD两项。something用于肯定句,anything用于否定句和一般疑问句。此处是一般疑问句,故用anything special,故选B。
4. -- Must I finish reading the book today, Mr. Brown?
-- No, you _________. You can finish it in two days.
A. needn't
B. mustn't
C. can't
D. couldn't
【解析】句意:——布朗先生,我必须今天读完这本书吗?——不,你不必了。你可以在两天内读完它。needn't不必,表示必要性;mustn’t禁止;can’t不能,表示没有能力;couldn’t是can’t的过去式,表示不能。Must I……?“我必须……吗?”肯定回答用Yes, you must.否定回答用No, you needn’t.或No, you don’t have to.根据No可知此处用否定回答,故选A。
5. -- Which show do you prefer, Running Man or The Reader?
-- The reader, of course. ________ I _______ my brother likes it.
A. Both; and
B. Neither; nor
C. Either; or
D. Not only; but also
【解析】句意:——《跑男》和《朗读者》,你更喜欢哪一个节目?——当然是《朗读者》,不仅我,而且我哥哥都喜欢它。Both;and“……和……都”,连接并列主语,谓语用复数形式。此处谓语likes是第三人称单数,故排除A项。Neither;nor“既不,也不”,根据The reader, of course可知此处表示喜欢《朗读者》,故排除B项。Either, or“或者,或者”,根据句意我和哥哥两个人都喜欢它,不是我们中的一个人喜欢它。故排除C项。Not only, but also“不仅,而且”连接并列主语,谓语用就近原则,离谓语最近的主语my brother是第三人称单数,故谓语likes是第三人称单数。故选D。
6. -- I find it difficult to learn English well. I want to drop it.
-- English is very important in our daily life. Never _______.
A. give up it
B. give it up
C. give away it
D. give it away

7. -- Your new watch is so nice! When did you buy it?
-- In April. I _____ it for two months.
A. have had
B. had
C. have bought
D. bought
【解析】句意:——你的新手表太漂亮了!你什么时候买的它?——在四月份。我已经拥有它两个月了。have有,是延续性动词;buy(bought)买,是瞬间性动词。此处与时间段for two months连用,用现在完成时,谓语用延续性动词,故用have had。故选A。
8. -- Class, you should be thankful to those people _______ helped and supported you.
-- We will. Miss Chen.
A. which
B. whom
C. who
D. whose
9. -- How hard you are working, Helen!
-- We must! President Xi said that _______ we are, _______ we will be.
A. the more hard-working; the luckier
B. the hard-working; the lucky
C. more hard-working; luckier
D. the most hard-working; the luckiest
【解析】句意:——海伦,你们工作多么努力啊!——我们必须努力。习主席说了我们越勤奋,我们将越幸运。hard-working勤奋的,是形容词的原级;more hard-working更勤奋的,是比较级形式;the most hard-working最勤奋的,是形容词的最高级;lucky幸运的,是形容词;luckier更幸运的,是比较级; the luckiest最幸运的,是最高级。the+比较级,the+比较级,表示“越……越……”,故选A。
10. --1 really want to watch Operation Red Sea(红海行动). Could you tell me ________ ?
-- Sure. It'll be on show at Town Cinema.
A. when will it he on show
B. when it will be on show
C. where will it be on show
D. where it will he on show

We may have many difficulties in life, and sometimes it's even unfair for someone, but it depends on how you face them. Sally is a student from a university, she made a___11___last August. She decided to take her grandmother___12___their hometown and live with her in a rented room(出租房) near her school.
Sally's family have met a lot in the past few years. Her grandmother___13___her legs and she could walk only with a stick, Her father died because of illness, Sally’s mother plagued (受折磨) by these events, she lost the___14___to take care of others, "This was the only choice. No one else could___15___my grandma, Sally explained. Her grandmother has also had a___16___life, The old woman's three sons have all died, and Sally couldn’t leave her alone where___17___could look after her. A room with two beds. a desk and a table is their new home. The room___18___her several hundred yuan every month. In order to make money, Sally works in a supermarket after class and spends the money___19___the family. "I was brought up by my grandma, and now it's my_____20_____to take care of her," said Sally. When she was young, her grandmother "magically" prepared every meal_____21_____for her every day, even though she could not_____22_____a clock.
In the eyes of Sally’s teacher, the girl is a(an)_____23_____student. "Though taking care of her grandmother takes her lots of_____24_____, Sally has tried to stay on top of all her courses. She is even preparing for an English singing contest," Her teacher said. Sally even_____25_____help from others. "It's kind of like only getting without giving, she explained. At present, the girl is able to support the home with her weak shoulder.
11. A. promise B. decision C. living D. progress
12. A. from B. in C. to D. for
13. A. kicked B. tied C. broke D. lost
14. A. hope B. ability C. dream D. power
15. A. look for B. wait for C. search for D. care for
16. A. homeless B. boring C. hard D. meaningless
17. A. nobody B. somebody C. anybody D. everybody
18. A. pays B. takes C. costs D. spends
19. A. supporting B. building C. finding D. making
20. A. hobby B. interest C. dream D. turn
21. A. in time B. on time C. at times D. out of time
22. A. read B. notice C. see D. watch
23. A. unlucky B. fascinating C. careful D. excellent
24. A. money B. spirit C. energy D. courage
25. A. accepted B. asked C. refused D. got
【答案】11. B 12. A 13. C 14. B 15. D 16. C 17. A 18. C 19. A 20. D 21. B 22. A 23. D 24. C 25. C
11. B
考查名词及语境的理解。A. promise 许诺;B. decision决定; C. living 生活; D. progress进步;句意:莎莉是一名大学生,去年八月她做了一个决定。根据后文的She decided to take her grandmother___2___their hometown and live with her in a rented room(出租房) near her school.可知此处表示做决定,make a decision做了一个决定。故选B。
12. A
考查介词及语境的理解。A. from 来自; B. in在……里;C. to 向; D. for为了;句意:她决定把她的祖母从他们的家乡带出来,和她一起住在学校附近的出租房里。take sb from “把某人从……带来”,故选A。
13. C
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