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Unit Five Inside advertising
(交际) 学会表达对事物的不同看法。


Inside advertising


1.1.1. 话题:Talking about advertising and advertisements; ways to make effective ads, advertising controls.

1. expressing different views of an argument. 表达不同观点。
You are quite right.
I quite agree with you.
I think so, too.
I see your point, but…
Tha’s ridiculous.
Not at all.
I’m afraid I can/t accept that.
I wouldn’t say that.
Not really.
That not how I see it.
I’m afraid I have a different opinion.
No problem.
No way.


1.1.3 Understanding vocabulary(理解词汇)(学生只需认识,不作为测试的内容考查) conscience, corporation, visual, generate, stereo, liter, mature, decent, ethics, beware

1.1.4 Grasping vocabulary(掌握词汇) (学生能够掌握其意义、用法、搭配,可作为考查内容)billboard, casual, garment, inform, association, target, basis, technique, budget, broadcast, rely, refresh, murder, suitcase, actress, typist, fluent, hostess, invitation, appoint, chairman, raise, dial, operator, misleading, ban


1.1.5 Applying vocabulary(应用词汇) (学生在写作中能够运用下列词汇)
Turn…into…, advertiser, advert, fit into, lane, feature, expense, response, have no use for, partly, sheet, spokesman, alcoholic, promote, immoral, offending, consumer, trustworthy


1.1.6语法:复习宾语补足语 the object complement
Committee members recently appointed me their chairman.(名词作宾补)
They made Ronaldo, the soccer star, the spokesman of their product.(名词作宾补)
I find it very difficult to raise the money. (形容词作宾补)
As my neighbor is a troublemaker, I have to keep myself away from him.(副词作宾补)
Please remember me to your parents. (介词短语作宾补)
His speech left the president n a very awkward situation. (介词短语作宾补)
Really good advertising persuades people to behave in certain ways. (动词不定式做宾补)
Committee members have asked me to tell you how much we all appreciate your donation. (动词不定式做宾补)
Many people consider advertisements offending. (-ing形式作宾补)
Through the window, could see the rain coming down in sheets. (-ing形式作宾补)
She is going to have the novel translated. (过去分词作宾补)
I’d like to have the goods delivered directly to my office. (过去分词作宾补)


1.1.7句型结构:With so many messages from advertisers filling our daily lives, it is important to understand how advertisements work.
It makes sense to make computer game ads that appeal to this group.
Would really good advertising persuade you to buy products and services you are not interested in or have no use for?
As we are flooded with advertisements in our modern world, many schools believe it is their duty to educate students about advertising.


Part One重点知识点
I. 重点单词和词组
P. 41
Words: persuade, effective
Phrases: in magazines, in any way, keep in mind.
P. 42
Words: billboard, advertiser, announcement, adolescent
Phrases: be exposed to, pass by, come across, attach to, turn into, it make sense, appeal to, fit into
P. 43
Words: feature, conscience, worthy, corporation, afford, expense, via, generate, response, stereo, subsequently
Phrases: grab the attention of, rely on, run out, have no use for
P. 48
Words: dishonest, inappropriate, alcoholic, tobacco, promote, immoral
Phrases: make statement
P. 49
Words: decent, ethical, offending, beware, consumer
Phrases: be flood with, be ware of
P. 50
Words: trustworthy, contain
Phrases: be protected from, opinion of
Part Two单元目标检测
I. 根据下列句子意思用所给词的正确形式或所给汉语填空(1X20=20’)
The a__________ period is one's best time, so we shall make full use of it.
Some of the more advanced __________(特征) of the software make the new version extremely popular.
After he had committed the crime, his c__________ was troubled.
We drove along a muddy l__________ to reach the farmhouse.
She felt she was not __________(受尊敬的) to be on the stage with all these glamorous people.
__________(随后), new guidelines were issued to all employees as a response to the question.
Don't you think it's i__________ to leave thousands of children without an education?
Medical e__________ can be quite high if you are not insured.
He quoted the words of another famous leader in r__________ to the journalist's question.
The textbooks you use should be a__________ to the level of the students.
The news program came to us __________(通过) satellite.
The new ambassador is more __________(成熟) than his predecessor.
We've had several phone calls already this morning from __________(广告商).
Decision makers do not have a blank __________(纸) upon which they can inscribe their own policy proposals.
Howe was turning into an __________ (酒鬼)because of the stress of his job.
Some people found his jokes funny but others were deeply o__________.
The ban on cigarette advertising will upset the t__________ corporation.
Young people’s awareness of environmental issues is p__________ through publicity material.
It was very d__________ of you to lie to them about your qualifications.
Leave a spare key with a t__________ neighbor.
II. 用所给词的词组适当形式填空(1X10=10’)
You'd better go home before your money _______________.(run)
Your speech didn't _______________ (come); nobody understood your opinion.
The office _______________(flood) applications for the job last month.
He _______________ (use) a single glove so he threw it out of the window.
The United Nations _______________ (appeal) the people of the developed countries for aiding those of the backward countries.
The country ________ (govern) elected representatives of the people.
Another trip abroad this year is ____________(question) because we have enough money.
Her mind __________ (occupy) alarming questions.
Would you please ____________(substitute) me tomorrow?
The children have been _________(comfort) me through all of this.
III.语法填空 (2X10=20’)
A good teacher is many things to many people. In my own experience, the people I respect most are the teachers 1 demanded the most discipline from their students.
I miss one teacher in particular that I had in high school. I think she was a good teacher because she was a very strict person. I remember very 2 (clear) a sign over her classroom door. It was 3 simple sign that said, “Laboratory—in this room the first five letters of the word was emphasized, not the last seven.” In other words, I guess, labor 4 her was more important than oratory, which means 5 (make) speeches.
She prepared her work very carefully and demanded us to do the same. We got lots of homework from her. 6 she had broken her arm, and everybody in the class thought that maybe the homework 7 (reduce), but it continued just the same. She checked our work by stamping her name at the bottom of the papers to show that she had read 8 (they).
I think sometimes teachers who demand most are liked 9 (little). But 10 time goes by, this discipline really seems to benefit the students.
1.____________ 2.____________ 3.___________ 4.___________ 5.___________
6.____________ 7.____________ 8.___________ 9.___________ 10___________

IV. 单句改错 (2X10=20’)
The secretary told me that the manager was busy and I should come at some other time.
The reason why I didn’t go to France was I got a new job.
His whole family objected to him give up the job.
My mom pushed me to study hard, hope I could get a chance to go to college.
He is the only one of my friends who are working hard.
The members of the group are most young people.
Every means have been tried, but he won’t lose heart forever.
There were 20 people around but nobody helped the old man.
Though it is the most interesting book in these books, it is not the most interesting one.
I’m not interested in if he agrees with me.
V. 短文改错 (2X10=20’)
Different people have different ideas about music. For me, I like rock music because of it’s so exciting. But my favorite rock band, “The Foxy Ladies”, are one of the most famous rock band in the world. I also like the pop music. My classmate Li Lan loves dance music when she enjoys dancing. My best friend, Jane, likes Jazz music and she thinks Jazz is real cool. My brother also likes rock very much, thinking them amazing. But my mother thinks rock is boring. “I like some relaxed music which can make me comfortable and fine.” She says. That’s she likes country music, I think.
VI. 完成句子(2X5=10’)
Any new buildings _______________ the existing appearance of the city.
Three years _______________before she finally found a suitable job.
Many newcomers _______________ life-threatening injury.
For example, adolescent boys are more likely to buy computer games than any other group, so _______________ make computer game ads that appeal to this group.
Even some of the casual garments we wear have brand names attached to them _______________ walking advertisements.

Unit Five
1.adolescent 2.features 3.conscience 4.lane 5.worthy 6.Subsequently 7.immoral 8.expenses 9.response 10.appropriate 11.via 12.mature 13.advertisers 14.sheet 15.alcoholic 16.offended 17.tobacco 18.promoted 19.dishonest 20.trustworthy
1.runs ou
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