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1.What does the man think of the story?
A. /B. / C.
2.What is the time now?
A. /B. /C. /
3.What would the girl like to have?
A. / B. /C. /
4.How will the woman go to Los Angeles?
A. /B. / C. /

5.What is the weather like tomorrow?
A. / B. / C. /

6.What’s the problem with the boy?
A. He doesn’t have close friends and sometimes he feels lonely.
B. His parents don’t have time for him because they work all day.
C. He can’t sleep at night and feels tired in the morning.
7.What causes his problem?
A. He watches too much TV before going to bed.
B. He has so much homework that he can’t go to bed early.
C. He is too worried about his exams.
8.What is the nursing home for?
A. Old cats.B. Old dogs.C. All kinds of old pets.
9.Who takes care of the old dogs?
A. The doctors.B. The nurses.C. The young dogs.
10.Who makes the old dogs feel young?
A. The doctors.B. Young dogs.C. Children.
11.How much does an old dog’s owner need to pay if he wants his dog to stay in the nursing home for three months?
A. $100.B. $200.C. $300.
12.What can many kinds of pets get in Japan now?
A. Better health care and more balanced diet.B. More nursing homes.C. More doctors for animals.

My plan
To improve _______.

To call on people to ________ something to the poor.

To work harder at _________.

13.A. English B. ChineseC. Physics
14.A. sayB. donateC. send
15.A. ChineseB. maths C. lessons
16.Hurry up,you will miss the plane.
A. and B. but C. so D. or
17. Your teacher will not be happy ________you finish your homework.
A.although B. when C. unless D. because
18.The girl is oftenher twin sister.
A. comparing with B. comparing toC. compared to D. compared with
19.He often tells us funny jokes. We are always made ______.
A. to laugh B. laughC. laughing D. to laughing
20.These animals are in danger.We should think ______ to protect them.
A.how we can do B.how can we do C.what we can do D.what can we do
21.--With the red skirt __________ her, Lily looks prettier.
--Yes. I'm green _________ envy. I wish I were as pretty as her.
A. on; with B. in; on C. on; inD. in; with
22.Happy Sheep is a famous character in Chinese___________.
A. comediesB. documentariesC. chat showsD. cartoons
23.—Can I go to the concert with you tomorrow, Mum?
—OK, if all your homework ________.
A. is doneB. will be doneC. has doneD. does
24.You shouldn’t_________ too much. It’s bad for your health to_________.
A. worry, worriedB. worried, worryC. worry, worry aboutD. worry, be worried
25.—Thanks for listening to my problem and giving me your advice, Amy.—______That’s what friends are for.
A. My pleasureB. With pleasure C. Never mindD. It’s nice of you
26.Unluckily,the famous composer cancer 25.
A. died from; when he wasB. died of ; at the age of
C. died out; at the age ofD. died away; when he is
27.--- What did you do in your class meeting yesterday?
--- We talked about ____________.
A.where we would have our weekend picnicB.when we will go for a picnic
C.what activity would we have during class breakD.who gave a speech for our class in the school meeting
28.In a traditional Chinese wedding, usually the newly married couple _________ in red.
A. dressB. are dressedC. wearD. are wearing
29.There are many boys ____ football on the playground ____ with grass.
A. playing;coveredB. to play;coveredC. playing;coveringD. to play;covering
30.—Which do you prefer, Coke or juice?
—_______is OK. But water will be better if possible.
A. BothB. NeitherC. NoneD. Either
In China, there are more and more traffic accidents nowadays. Every day cars kill or hurt many people on roads. Sometimes they drive too fast or do not drive carefully enough. Some of them _______ the traffic rules and cause accidents.
According to some research, the pedestrians(行人) cause the accident more often than before.They are very ______. They walk or run across the roads _______ the cars. They walk in the roads but not on the walkways.They get into or out of cars in the middle of the roads. Some pedestrians think it wastes time to ______ the green lights and simply cross the roads against the lights.
Many people think accidents often ______ in busy roads in large cities,however, it is not true.For example, Tokyo is one of the world’s _______ cities and probably one of the busiest cities, but there are _______ accidents to pedestrians. The reason is that the police there are very strict and the pedestrians are very careful.They ______ cross against a red light and they always follow traffic lights.
Do you know drinking wine is ______ main cause of traffic accidents? The alcohol( 酒精 )in the wine delays people’s response. Those who have drunk too much are _____ in making decisions. They need a few more seconds to react( 反应 ). Alcohol drinking is especially dangerous for motor car drivers. It is not only drivers who may have accidents after drinking, drunk pedestrians may pay their lives in danger too.
31.A. make B. break C. follow D. remember
32.A. careful B. active C. careless D. excited
33.A. in front of B. in the middle of C. at the end of D. on the top of
34.A. turn on B. point out C. worry about D. wait for
35.A. happen B. cause C. own D. take
36.A. large B. larger C. largest D. the largest
37.A. some B. many C. enough D. few
38.A. never B. ever C. almost D. always
39.A. the other B. another C. other D. others
40.A. fast B. interested C. slow D. energetic
We’ve moved!
Please come to the party in our new house.
8:00 p.m. on Nov. 5
Betty and Jack
Add: 31 Station Street
Tel: 342-1525
e-mail: betty12@email.net
Must sell $275
Best washing machine
Only 6 months old
Owner going abroad
Call Mike Green
Add: 10 Park Street
Tel: 342-2691
e-mail: mikegreet@hotmail.com
Smith’s book Club
New and old books
Over 1,000 kinds
Good coffee and tea
Open every day 10:00-22:00
Add: 15 North Street
Tel: 342-7391 or 342-7350
e-mail: smith15@yahoo.com

41.If you want to buy a second-hand washing machine, you can call______.
A. 342-1525 B.342-7391
C.342-2691 D.342-7350
42.Betty and Jack want to hold a party because ____.
A. they have lots of books B.they will go abroad
C. they want to buy a new house D.they have moved in a new house
A Survey Report On The Middle School Students Laptop Buying
The students in Sunshine Middle School hope to know the specific situation on the middle school students buying laptop through the questionnaire survey. By this, they could analysis(分析) the statistical data to find the laptop brand(品牌), price and the main use which the middle school students prefer. They gave out 200 questionnaires. The followings show the results of it.
1 ) Analysis of laptop price 2) Analysis of laptop brand

3) Analysis of the purchase(购买) places 4) Analysis of the main use

43.Which brand is the most popular among middle school students?
A. Dell.B. ASUS.C. Lenovo.D. HP.
44.How many middle school students choose to buy laptops at specific stores?
A. 64.B. 72.C. 20.D. 34.
45.The main purpose for the middle students to buy a laptop is .
A. to study and work B. to play gamesC. to watch filmsD. to chat
Tuesday, 1stSeptember
I had mixed feelings today, nervous, worried, happy, excited… My heart went down when Miss Chan, our head teacher, said that Matthew and Beth, two students from England, would spend three months with us! I was worried that I had to speak English so much! But at the end of the school day, I was happier than I thought: the morning with them today was more enjoyable than I expected.
Today is the most unforgettable first day I have had! Matthew is fantastic! His English is clearer and easier to listen to than I thought. The other English student, Beth, is the most helpful girl I’ve ever met. There were lots of things to do on the first day. Beth offered to help Miss Chan put up all the notices. Of course, some of the credit (功劳) should also go to ME because I translated some of the notices for her. Miss Chan praised us!
We finished all the preparations 10 minutes earlier than expected, then Beth and I talked for a while, Matthew sang several English songs and did some stand-up comedy (单人喜剧表演) at the party. We all praised him. When the bell rang to end the first school day, none of us wanted to leave.
When I went back home, I had a little headache. I have probably spoken more English today than the whole of last year.
It was really a happy day! I hope our friendship can continue, even after they gone back to England!
46.The writer felt ______ when he heard the news from Miss Chan.
A. excited B. angryC. fantastic D. worried
47.Beth helped Miss Chan with the ______.
A. comedy B. speechesC. notices D. translation
48.Matthew ______ at the party.
A. had a talkB. rang the bellC. sang several songsD. made a preparation
49.Matthew and Beth ______ on the first day.
A. spoke much Chinese B. got lots of praiseC. had a little headache D. forgot to leave the school
50.From the passage, we know that the writer ______.
A. caught a bad cold that dayB. went back home with Beth
C. expects to travel to EnglandD. likes the two English students

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