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Unit 2

1. But, but … you weren’t supposed to come home until tomorrow! (p22)【解析】suppose为动词,表示“认为,料定,猜想;假定,假设”; be supposed to表示按照规则、规律或约定“应当”、“理应”去做某事时,其语义相当于ought to或should ,但如果与完成时不定式连用,则表示“本应该做某事而实际上没有做”;be supposed to作“被认为”,“被看作是”讲时,有时暗含着“事实并非如此”的意思。supposing为连词,意为“假定,假设,假如”。

【例句】 I suppose you want to borrow money from me again? You are supposed to be here at eight every day.The building is supposed to have been completed two months ago.He was supposed to be an expert in this field.Supposing (that) it rains, can we play the match indoors?

完成下列句子。① You _________________________ ________________ (体育课上应该穿运动鞋).② He __________________________ __________________ (本应该带一条面包回家的), but it slipped his mind.
are supposed to wear sports shoes in PE classes
was supposed to have brought home a loaf of bread

③ Along with the letters are answers written by those who ______________ _________________________________ (被认为能够解决这些问题). ④ I couldn’t get any reply when I called Dan, so I ___________________ ______________ (猜他已经出去了).
are supposed to know how to solve these problems
supposed that he had gone out

2. We won’t tolerate such behavior in our house! (p22)【解析】tolerate vt .表示“容忍,允许”,后面可以接名词、代词、动名词作宾语。【例句】There is a limit to what one person can tolerate.She refused to tolerate being called a liar.

完成下列句子。① Our teacher __________________ ________________ (不会容忍任何考试作弊行为).② I ________________ (不能容忍他) if he goes on like that.
won’t tolerate cheating in exams
can’t tolerate him

3. They never even gave me a chance to defend myself. (p23)【解析】defend作动词表示“辩解,辩白,辩护;防守,防护”。【拓展】●defend…from/against… 保护……免遭……伤害●defend against 抵御

【例句】I can’t afford a lawyer so I shall defend myself.How can we defend our homeland if we don’t have an army?Here we are well defended against a surprise attack.

完成下列句子。① Don’t keep silent. You ____________ _______________ (应该捍卫自己的权利).② The forest will act as a barrier to _______________________ (抵御沙尘暴). ③ He picked up a stick ____________________ (保护自己免遭)the three men’s attack.
are supposed to defend your right
defend against sandstorms
to defend himself from

4. They don’t deserve an explanation. (p23)【解析】deserve 作动词表示“值得;应得;应受”,后面可以接名词、代词、动名词(主动形式表被动含义)和动词不定式,一般不用进行时态。【例句】After all that hard work, you deserve a holiday.They deserve to be put into prison.The boy richly deserves whipping.She deserved to win because she was the best.

完成下列句子。① I hope they get ___________________ ______________ (他们应得的惩罚).② Chris __________________________ (值得我们特别感谢) for all his efforts.③ They certainly ___________________ _______ (应该赢得那场比赛).
the punishment they deserve
deserves our special thanks
deserved to win that match

5. Do you think we were too hard on Daniel? (p23)【解析】 hard 在句中作形容词,表示“苛刻的,严厉的”,be hard on“对……苛刻,对……严厉”。hard 作形容词还可表示“硬的;困难的,棘手的;坚强的;残酷的;用力的;严寒的”等;作副词意为“努力地,强烈地,严重地,坚定地”等。

【例句】Don’t be too hard on him — he’s new to the job.There was a heavy frost last night and the ground is still hard.I’m not surprised he failed his exam — he didn’t exactly try very hard.

将下列句子译成汉语,并指出hard 的含义及词性。① One can not learn a language well unless one works hard. ② Hard training will help them a lot.

③ The snow on the road has frozen hard.④ We had a very hard winter last year and some of the plants died.

6. Maybe, but now that he has been so rude to us, I feel like we have to punish him or he won’t respect us. (p23)【解析】now that表示“既然,由于”引导原因状语从句,相当于since,在口语中,now that中的that可以省略。【例句】Now that you’ve run out of money, why not borrow some from your brother?Now that you have known the plan, you are supposed to have been well prepared.

单项选择。 _____ he has publicly admitted (承认) he was wrong, he should share the child-raising and household tasks with you. A. Even if B. Now that C. After all D. As if

Tips for teacher
Let the word fly 板块是帮助学生学习一些一词多义、熟词生义的词汇。通过此环节,学生可以对一些常见词的用法、意思有一个透彻的了解。

Let the word fly
The room is in a mess, with pizza boxes on the floor and dirty dishes in the sink.
n. (厨房的)洗涤槽,水槽
sink 也可作为动词,有如下几种意思:The Titanic sank after hitting an iceberg (冰山).The flood sank and life returned to normal.
vi. 下降,降低

The sun was sinking behind the big mountain.The economy in that country was sinkingdeeper and deeper into crisis (危机). My spirits sank lower when I realized I failed the exam.They had sunk most of their savings (积蓄)into a property venture (房地产生意).
vi. (太阳,月亮)落下,下沉
vi. 衰退,恶化;濒临死亡
vi. 心情沉重,情绪低落
vt. 投入,投下(资金)

She was sinking fast and there was little we could do for her.
Holmes’s voice sank as he revealed the truth about the murders.
She tried to collect her thoughts when shewas sinking down on the bed.
The population has sunk to dozens there.

Now, it’s time for you to show your creative ability. You can make sentenceswith the word “sink” in them. Pleasework out in small groups. Let’s see which group can make the most.
Game time

1. I just finished my vacation to Yunnan. A. work B. holiday2. The man explained to the people that the factory had been closed. A. gave meanings of sth. B. gave a reason for sth.3. When I went into the room, I found the room was in a mess. A. a difficult state B. a dirty or untidy state
Word study
Quiz I: Multiple choice.

4. A teacher should trust his students. A. look after B. believe that sb. is good5. The woman was mad at the dog for eating her shoes. A. worried B. angry6. It is rude to run into others’ house without knocking at the door. A. not polite B. anxious
Word study

Quiz II: Fill in the blanks according to the given phrases.
be hard on turn up deal with as though mix up be supposed to be in charge of not…any more can’t wait to go out

I _________________ the whole factory next week when the director is away. 2. Tom started at 7, and he _______________ in school now. 3. Jay Chou is coming to our city. I _________ to see him.4. The fire has _________.5. Don’t ___________ her — she's very young.
can’t wait
is supposed to be
gone out
be hard on
will be in charge of

Quiz III: Translation.
1.那要看谁负责了。(in charge)2.既然一切都准备好了,就请留下来和我们一 起吃饭吧。(now that)
It depends on who is in charge.
Now that all is ready, please stay and have a meal with us.
3.这里空气干燥,就让门开一会儿吧。(leave)4.你打算如何处理那个考试作弊的学生?(do with)
The air here is dry. Leave the door open for a while.
What will you do with the student who cheated in the exam?

5. 新的法律是为了预防犯罪。(be supposed to) The new laws are supposed to prevent crime.6. 她躺在沙发上,看她最喜欢的谈话节目。 She lay on the sofa, watching his favourite chat show.7. 这种新型人造材料摸起来像真皮一样。 (feel like) This new man-made material feels like real leather.

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